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This program is offered June 18-July 20, 2018 and is broken down into 3 sessions over a 5 week period. We want to make sure we give each student proper attention and effective instruction, so we have a maximum enrollment of 20 students per session. That’s a 10:1 student-teacher ratio!


We offer a 10% discount for friends and siblings. Please contact viviane@popkidsyoga.com to register for this deal.

We are a collaboration between Viviane (Lead Instructor/Founder of POP Kids Yoga) and Trevor (Lead Instructor of Heroes Martial Arts Youth Program) in which we implement mindfulness, anti-bullying strategies, and basic self-defense skills to promote healthy social-emotional, well-being in pre-teens 9-13. We will cover the following:

-Yoga Asana (poses)





-Connecting breath to movement


-Balance & Coordination

-Bully Prevention Skills

-Conflict Resolution Skills

-Effective Communication

Packages A and C are scheduled in a way to directly lead into more Jiu-Jitsu specific training taught by Trevor (separate from Mindful Heroes*, classes offered Monday-Thursday, 4-5PM) that follows the Heroes Martial Arts standard curriculum. This is a great option for pre-teens who want to expand further into Martial Arts!


Thanks to our friends around the corner at Academic Coffee, we will have a Milk and Cookie Social for our Mindful Heroes on Friday, June 28 and Friday, July 19 to wrap up our 2-week session together!  

Additional Information: 

It is not required, but bringing your child equipped with a water bottle and some light snacks helps maintain hydration and can keep them focused, without being distracted by hunger or fatigue.

Also, you do NOT need to bring your own mat. Heroes Martial Arts has padded floors, so it is unnecessary to have one. We all get to share and use this awesome space.

What to wear: anything you can move comfortably around in, and hair ties for those with long hair. 

Parking/Places to Visit: 

There is metered parking and parking garages well within walking distance of Heroes. We suggest the Convention Center parking garage on Almaden and Market. We do not carry validation, but our friends close by do! We have a lobby at Heroes, but feel free to pay these fine neighboring establishments a visit while you wait. *Provides parking validation

  • Academic Coffee

  • Cafe Stritch*

  • Chromatic Coffee* 

  • Forager*

  • Uproar Brewing Company*

  • Voltaire Coffee House*

A life practice in using the mind and body to create, connect, and challenge oneself. 

E-Mail: viviane@popkidsyoga.com

Phone: (408) 800-2928

Address: 450 South 1st St San Jose, CA 95113

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