Frequently asked questions

Are there any rules?

As kids classes constantly flux and flow with varying levels of attention span, energy, and personality types, Viviane highly stresses the importance of RESPECT. We can still have FUN while respecting each other's voice, emotions, wants, and needs.

Is there a waiver for me to sign?

Anyone who comes into Heroes to try out a Jiu Jitsu class, or yoga class, or BOTH, must sign a waiver provided by Heroes Martial Arts at the front desk upon arrival.

Do we need to bring our own yoga mats?

No need! The room that POP Kids Yoga will be occupying at Heroes Martial Arts is completely padded in a ~500 sq. ft. space.

How long are classes?

POP Kids Yoga classes are an hour long.

What type of clothes should my child wear to a POP Kids Yoga class?

Anything they can move their bodies comfortably in.

Are shoes allowed on the mat?

For sanitary reasons and to keep the integrity of the mats, we ask that you please leave your shoes on the shoe rack we have available.

Where are the bathrooms?

The bathrooms are available for use across the main mat area in which we ask that you bring your shoes with you. In short, if you are on the mat, you are not wearing shoes. Easy peasy!

Do you teach yoga to adults?

No. For now, Viviane's focus is to provide a fun, learning service to promote physical movement, mental engagement, and emotional awareness for kids.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, or Paypal please! We are also in the process of incorporating MINDBODY software for staying organized with easier online bookings, transactions, and keeping track of attendance. Stay tuned.

A life practice in using the mind and body to create, connect, and challenge oneself. 


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