What you can expect from a POP kids yoga class: 

  • introduction to mindfulness/meditation 

  • creative ways to move your body

  • new friends/partnerwork

  • lots of laughs (LOL!)

  • taking turns in leading the class

  • learning in a fun, creative way (songs, games, imaginary play, etc.)

  • reading aloud picture books (feel free to Bring Your Own Book!)

  • something to add to your PROCESS a.k.a your unique learning experience

  • Appropriate for Ages: 4-13

450 South 1st Street San Jose, CA 95113
Every Saturday 10-11AM unless specificied otherwise*

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A life practice in using the mind and body to create, connect, and challenge oneself. 

E-Mail: viviane@popkidsyoga.com

Phone: (408) 800-2928

Address: 450 South 1st St San Jose, CA 95113